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About Conexon

Conexon is an industry-leading broadband network design and construction firm working with rural electric cooperatives, communities, counties and other entities to deploy fiber to the home in rural areas around the country.  The company’s mission is to ensure that every home and business in every rural community has access to the life- and community-changing benefits of high-speed fiber internet. 

In 2021, Conexon achieved the singular milestone of introducing Conexon Connect, an internet service provider (ISP) subsidiary delivering multi-gigabit speed internet in 20 markets. Connect today operates in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri and with current projects, will ultimately reach more than 400,000 rural Americans with fiber internet.

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Business Synopsis

  • Founded in 2015 by Randy Klindt, an electric cooperative broadband pioneer
  • Partner Jonathan Chambers joined in 2016 after exiting the FCC
  • Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Fiber-to-the-home projects across the country
  • Multiple call center, construction and operations facilities around the country
  • Over 800 employees
  • Primary service offerings:
    • Consumer/business internet services through ISP subsidiary, Conexon Connect
    • Rural fiber-to-the-home project consultation/implementation

Conexon Impact

  • To date, Conexon has assisted more than 300 electric cooperatives, 80 of which are deploying fiber networks.
  • Through the company’s work with co-ops and other partners, more than 1.1 million rural Americans are connected to world-class fiber internet.
  • Conexon has designed over 200,000 miles of fiber and builds more than 50,000 miles annually.
  • The company is cited nationally and locally for its exceptional growth and for its impact on the rural broadband landscape, recognized in the Inc. 5000 listing of America’s fastest-growing private companies and Broadband Communities Magazine’s Fiber-To-The-Home Top 100 for multiple consecutive years.


Conexon Services

Conexon offers clients end-to-end broadband deployment and operations support, from a project’s conception to completion with an eye toward long-term sustainability and viability. Conexon focuses on innovative solutions for each of its service lines:

  • Feasibility Studies and Business Planning
  • Funding Consultation and Support
  • Automapping Fiber Network Design
  • Construction Management
  • Fiber Splicing Services
  • Network Engineering and Customer Technical Support
  • Voice Service (Phone) Delivery and Regulatory Support
  • Full-service Strategic Marketing Solutions
  • Commercial Sales Consultation Services 

Conexon Leadership

  • With more than 25 years of experience, Conexon Founding Partner Randy Klindt is considered an electric cooperative broadband pioneer, widely credited with architecting the most efficient, affordable and sustainable fiber-to-the-home design in use by electric co-ops today. Klindt also serves as the CEO of Conexon Connect, Conexon’s ISP.
  • Conexon Partner Jonathan Chambers, former Chief of the Office of Strategic Planning for the Federal Communications Commission, has over 30 years of telecommunications regulatory and federal funding experience. He spearheaded Conexon’s Rural Electric Cooperative Consortium, the largest, most successful bidding consortium in the FCC’s history.
  • Conexon is supported by a talented senior leadership team with over 35 years of hands-on telecommunications experience and management of fiber-to-the-home deployments; network design, architecture and operations of internet, voice, and IPTV networks; and selling and deploying communications technologies including residential and commercial broadband and VoIP services, as well as specialized turn-key operational services and administrative support.

About Conexon Connect

Conexon Connect, the internet services provider (ISP) formed and operated by Conexon, is an emerging leader in rural broadband. Connect was established to operate and manage fiber-to-the-home networks. Like Conexon, Connect works predominantly with electric cooperatives and communities, building networks using Conexon’s proven methodology and architecture that leverage existing infrastructure to power reliable and affordable 100% fiber broadband service for 100% of members.

The innovative Connect model, based on shared investment and shared revenue, allows client partners to simplify their role in launching and delivering retail broadband services to subscribers by relying on Connect to handle all aspects of network construction as well as all aspects of the subscriber experience as the ISP. The debut of this groundbreaking model is one more way that Conexon is transforming rural America by meeting the needs of residents and cooperatives in the heart of their communities.

Connect Scope

  • Connect currently serves FTTH customers in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Missouri.
  • There are currently 20 Connect projects.
  • Connect offers three residential pricing tiers for its world-class high-speed fiber internet, along with additional service enhancements and phone service (Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP).
  • Connect serves the commercial business market with a suite of customized, scalable data and voice services to make high-speed broadband accessible to all businesses regardless of size.


Media Contacts

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Conexon Connect Local Media
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