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The FCC Is Investing Billions in Rural Broadband.

Join the leading Rural Electric Cooperative Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Consortium 2020

In 2018, the FCC awarded more than $200 million in broadband funding to a consortium of electric cooperatives to build out gigabit-capable networks. It was the largest and most successful bidding consortium in FCC history - one assembled, designed and led by Conexon.

FCC Chairman Pai and the Trump Administration announced the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund initiative, a reverse auction of over $20 BILLION for fiber broadband in rural areas.

Advance preparation is crucial for the upcoming RDOF auction.

Join the Leading Rural Electric Coop Consortium

Zero-cost, Electric Cooperative Consultations include:

  • Maps that display eligible areas in service territory.
  • Funding for the RDOF auction is calculated by the same method as the CAF II auction. Our team of experts will calculate available funding in your coop service territory.
  • RDOF auction design and rules governing FCC funding.
  • Electric Coop case study discussion includes winning coop participants in the CAF II auction that met their deadlines requirements, have been approved, and are successfully receiving funding. Read case studies here
  • Bidding Consortium outline discussion with Jonathan Chambers, Former Chief of the Office of Strategic Planning for the FCC and Mike Byrne, first Geospatial Information Officer for the FCC. Chambers, has been involved in FCC auctions for over 25 years and was involved in the auction design for the Connect America Fund (CAF). Byrne has a 25-year history of geospatial design analysis and implemented the first national broadband map. They will discuss the upcoming rule-making for RDOF, structure and results of the previous FCC reverse auctions and differences between RDOF and previous antecedent FCC auctions. View Chambers and Byrne full background here

Community Broadband Bits Podcast: How the FCC Plans to Spend $20 Billion on Rural Broadband

For this episode, Christopher was joined by returning guest Jonathan Chambers to discuss the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), which will finance broadband deployment across rural America.


from experts working exclusively with Electric Cooperatives for more than a decade.


"Sufficient funding will be available to support the construction of fiber networks to every rural home served by electric cooperatives. This program has the potential to become the Rural Electrification of our generation. "
-Jonathan Chambers, Partner, Conexon

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Conexon knows how the auction works…

Tim Smith… which meant we didn’t have to learn all of the aspects. All the legal and advisory services were part of the process with Conexon. It was nice not having to worry about the mechanics of the auction, Jonathan and the team knew how it works, so there was no learning curve. Had we done it by ourselves, I’m not sure we could have gotten our paperwork ready and participated, given our late start.

Tim Smith

The federal compliance and requirements …

Gary Wood…for Internet and voice providers were completely new to us. We felt very comfortable that Conexon could help us set up the process and structures to make sure we were in compliance, and we were very successful in the auction in large part to Jonathan’s knowledge and insights.”

CAF II Award — $28.6M

Gary Wood
President & CEO, Central Virginia Electric Cooperative

Conexon was able to walk us through the application process and manage all the milestones

Without the help of Conexon and its experienced staff, PGEC Enterprises, LLC would not have had the opportunity to provide highspeed FTTH internet access to the members of our, currently non served, communities.  Conexon was able to walk us through the application process and manage all the milestones for our cooperative.  It took close to 20 years to full deploy electricity to our communities nearly 80 years ago.  However, with the 15.4M of CAF II funding we have received, we will be able to provide FTTH services to these same locations in only a few years.

Casey Logan
CEO, Prince George Electric

The CAF money changed our economic picture significantly…

Gary Wood… Wood says. “Having that revenue guaranteed for the first 10 years gives us the breathing room to work through growing pains. The biggest benefit is that it offsets the losses in the first few years when otherwise we would be building significant debt to the co-op.

Gary Wood
President & CEO, Central Virginia Electric Cooperative

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