The Conexon DifferenceWe Help Cooperatives Build Fiber to Their Community

Residential Coop Fiber Construction

We treat your members’ investment in broadband as if it were our own. We write business plans, design fiber networks, manage construction projects, and set up operations as if we were investing our own money. Our team has both built and operated fiber networks for electric co-ops and connected more members across the country than any other. We look at broadband from the standpoint of an investor, an operator, and a rural consumer. We are prepared to INVEST in a fiber-to-the-home broadband network in your community or give you our business plan for you to invest in yourselves.

The investment opportunity: We do what no other consultants are willing to do.

Why? Because we are confident in our approach and ability to build fiber networks in the most economically efficient way and serve 100% of your members! We do this by removing the co-op's largest barrier to entry, which is the uncertainty of total members taking the broadband service offering and the co-op uncertainty of what the total builds out cost will be. Conexon will invest in your co-op's infrastructure and build out to 100% of the co-op’s members. Your co-op will have partial ownership, as well as, visibility into seeing what the member take rates will be, and the option to buy back and have full ownership of the network. Conexon is willing to stand behind our numbers, give the co-op a fixed purchase price for the system and guarantee fiber service availability to all of the co-op members. We are confident in our business model, willing to take on the financial risk on behalf of your co-op. We give your co-op all rights to obtain full ownership in the network at a fixed cost and most importantly ensuring your members have the best quality of service.

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