Launching a broadband network is only the beginning of a long journey that takes commitment, grit and sustained determination.

But co-op leaders are nothing if not determined to better the lives of those they serve. They understand that building a fiber-to-the-home network is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Every co-op’s journey is different. From the small – serving economically distressed communities or areas with just one to two meters per mile – to those serving affluent, high-density communities rich in consumer and business members – each finds its own way.

Conexon has partnered with many of those co-ops currently in the middle of their journey. From helping to secure funding, designing and building networks, providing technical support and more, Conexon continues to foster their success. We invite you to read their stories.

North East Mississippi Electric Power Association

After reviewing the feasibility of constructing an FTTH network, the NEMEPA board voted in the fall of 2019 to move forward and selected Conxeon as its broadband partner.

Mississippi County Electric Cooperative

Mississippi County Electric Cooperative’s (MCEC) journey to provide broadband to its members began 10 years ago with a foray into satellite communications.

Cumberland Electric Membership Cooperative

At more than 100,000 members, CEMC is one of the largest electric cooperatives in the nation to proceed with FTTH for members.

Monroe County Electric Power Association

When Mississippi law changed in 2019, allowing electric power associations to deliver broadband services, Monroe County Electric Power Association (EPA) quickly initiated a study to determine the feasibility of offering service.

MidSouth Electric Cooperative Cooperative

Like other cooperatives, MidSouth EC’s initial focus was on bolstering its own communications and adding efficient smart grid capabilities to its electrical infrastructure.

Tri-County Electric Cooperative

In distance, Columbia, South Carolina and the communities served by Tri-County Electric Cooperative are just a few miles apart. In internet quality, however, they are worlds apart.

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As a result of Conexon’s efforts, more than 150 co-ops are in the early stages exploring the opportunity to bring economic, educational and societal advantages to their communities and the members they serve with nearly 40 designing and constructing networks today. Contact us for a zero-cost Electric Cooperative consultation.