How We Work

We work with our clients to analyze economic feasibility, secure financing, manage construction, train employees, optimize business performance and determine optimal partnerships. We will be with you from a project’s conception all the way through to its long-term sustainability.

Conexon provides the following services for a full rural electric cooperative FTTH project feasibility study:

  •   Analysis of needs and GIS data for assumption development
  •   Demographic and economic analysis of served counties compared to other successful cooperative fiber projects
  •   Competitive map overlay and analysis of Connect America Fund obligations build out requirements by incumbent carriers
  •   Take rate probability calculated for each meter service location
  •   Analysis of all service offerings including broadband, television, and telephone
  •   Inclusion of smart grid network connections in network capacity and design cost analysis
  •   Architecture and technology selection for financial projection purposes
  •   Financial modeling including projected effect on TIER and key financial metrics including equity ratios
  •   Offer suggestions to improve likelihood of success including financing, architecture, additional services, or areas to supplement density


It starts with your numbers…

To inquire about a financial analysis specific to your service territory, contact us.

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