March 18, 2017

Conexon further solidifies its leading role as the most experienced fiber to the home consulting group assisting rural electric cooperatives.

Conexon, the most experienced consulting group specializing in electric cooperative fiber optic deployments, has furthered its mission, its focus and its leadership with the addition of two new senior team members.

Conexon welcomes Renee Robinson and Darren Farnan to our team of partners and professional subcontractors.  Both Renee and Darren bring years of hands-on FTTH deployment and operational experience. Renee has designed more fiber miles on electric cooperatives than anyone else in the country. Darren managed the successful planning, construction and deployment of a fiber-to-the-home network for a Missouri cooperative with just 2.5 meters per mile.

Both Renee and Darren reinforce Conexon’s singular commitment to helping electric cooperatives build fiber networks to serve their members. We have one constituency – rural electric cooperative members. We believe that fiber networks can be built to every home that has electricity. Renee and Darren have each lived our mission – to bring world class broadband to rural America.

Renee Robinson has joined Conexon as Vice President, Projects and Fiber Design. Renee will lead Conexon’s construction management and FTTH design projects.  She brings over 20 years of GIS experience and project management to Conexon. Renee started her career working for the State of Missouri where she served on the State GIS Advisory Board and provided support for emergency events and exercises at the Emergency Operations Center.  In 2012 joined Co-Mo Connect, a subsidiary of Co-Mo Electric Cooperative as the GIS Specialist.  She has designed over 4,500 miles of fiber to the home plant.

Darren Farnan is joining Conexon as Vice President, Client Services.  Darren will lead and manage relationships with Conexon’s clients including advising and assisting with FTTH implementation.  Darren comes to Conexon from United Services in Northwest Missouri.  Darren led the development and ongoing operations of the United Fiber network which has grown to over 1,500 miles of fiber, 18 employees, and $6 million in annual revenue since activating their first fiber customer in 2013.

Conexon continues to celebrate the achievements of electric cooperatives. Our project experience includes:

the first rural gigabit service;

the only FTTH network built to 100% of the members of an electric cooperative;

the only FTTH networks built completely without government assistance;

the only FTTH electric coop networks that are operating profitably;

the largest ongoing rural fiber-to-the-home construction project in the country;

the only statewide fiber-to-the-home business model;

multiple clients with over 100,000 members and with fewer than 10,000 members;

projects financed by RUS, CoBank and CFC;

the only electric cooperatives that have partnered with other electric cooperatives.

About Jonathan Chambers
Jonathan has worked for over twenty-five years at start-up companies, large corporations and the U.S. Government. For the past four years, Jonathan was Chief of the Office of Strategic Planning for the Federal Communications Commission. Jonathan was part of the senior leadership at the FCC that reformed $12 billion in annual federal spending, including the rural and high-cost fund, e-rate, telecommunications relay services and the lifeline programs. Jonathan also conceived of the Rural Broadband Experiment and was involved in the auction design for the Connect America Fund. Prior to the FCC, Jonathan worked in the cable and telecommunications industry in the U.S. and Europe. He was one of the original employees at Sprint PCS, where he was Vice President of Public Policy and Associate General Counsel. In Europe, he worked with Telenet (Belgium), Ono (Spain) and Ish (Germany). He was General Counsel of TVGateway, a company formed by Comcast, Cox and Charter to develop an electronic program guide. Jonathan was Chief Strategy Officer, General Counsel and a founder of Movida Communications, Inc., an MVNO focused solely on the US Hispanic market. At the start of his professional career, Jonathan spent eight years in the U.S. Senate, as staff director for the Commerce Committee, staff member of the Intelligence Committee and legislative director to Senator Jack Danforth (R-MO). Jonathan holds a BA in economics from Yale College, an MA in international affairs from Columbia University and a JD from Georgetown University Law Center. In March 2016, Jonathan left the FCC to join Conexon to help electric cooperatives bring FTTH broadband to rural areas throughout the country. He is currently a member of the board of directors of the Nicholville Telephone Company in upstate New York.

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